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Dzogchen Texts ONE

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Mind Series Tantras

The Supreme Source: Kun byed.
Chos thams cad rdzogs pa chen po byang chub kyi sems kun byed rgyal po: "The Universal Great Perfection of Pure Mind, the Supreme Source".
Translated in Chogyal Namkhai Norbu and Adriano Clemente (1999). "The All-Creating Monarch" (PT).

Mind Series Transmissions Translated by Bairotsana

The Eternal Victory Banner: Mi nub pa’i rgyal mtshan nam mkha’ che / Mi nub rgyal mtshan chen po.
Rdo rje sems dpa’ rang bzhin mi nub pa’i rgyal mtshan: "The Nature of Vajrasattva: The Forever-Unfurled Victory Banner".
"The Total Space of Vajrasattva", Adriano Clemente (1999).
"The Eternal Victory Banner", Keith Dowman, (2006).

The Great Garuda in Flight: Khyung chen lding ba.

Secret Precept Series Tantras

Beyond the Sound: Thal ’gyur.
Rin po che ’byung bar byed pa sgra thal ’gyur chen po’i rgyud: "The Great Tantra Beyond the Sound: A Fountain of Jewels".

Beautiful Luck (The Great Tantra of): Bkra shis mdzes ldan chen po’i rgyud.

The Blazing Lamp: sGron ma ’bar ba.
Gser gyi me tog mdzes pa rin po che sgron ma ’bar ba’i rgyud: "The Beautiful Golden Flower: The Tantra of the Precious Blazing Lamp".

Direct Introduction (Tantra of): Ngo sprod spras pa’i rgyud.
Ngo sprod rin po che spras pa’i zhing khams bstan pa’i rgyud: "The Tantra of the Buddhafields of Precious Direct Introduction".

The Garland of Pearls, Mu tig ’phreng ba.
Mu tig rin po che phreng ba’i rgyud: "The Tantra of the Precious Garland of Pearls".

The Great Array of Gems (Tantra of); Nor bu ’phra bkod chen po’i rgyud.
Nor bu ’phra bkod rang gi don thams cad gsal bar byed pa’i rgyud: "The Tantra of the Great Array of Gems Illuminating the Purpose of Life".

The Heap of Jewels: Rin chen spungs pa.
Rin chen spungs pa’i yon tan chen po ston pa rgyud kyi rgyal po: "The Sovereign Tantra Revealing Great Qualities as a Heap of Jewels".

The Heart-Mirror of Vajrasattva: Rdo rje sems dpa’ snying gi me long.
Rdo rje sems dpa’ snying gi me long gi rgyud: "The Tantra of Vajrasattva's Heart-Mirror".

The Rampant Lion: Seng ge rtsal rdzogs.
Seng ge rtsal rdzogs chen po’i rgyud: "The Great Tantra The Rampant Lion".

Spontaneously Arising Gnosis: Rig pa rang shar.
Rig pa rang shar chen po’i rgyud: "The Great Tantra of Spontaneously Arising Gnosis".

The Natural Freedom of Gnosis: Rig pa rang grol.
Rig pa rang grol chen po thams cad ’grol ba’i rgyud: "The Tantra of Universal Gnostic Liberation".

The Precious Blazing Relics (The Tantra of): Sku gdung ’bar ba rin po che’i rgyud.
Dpal nam mkha’ med pa’i sku gdung ’bar ba chen po’i rgyud: "The Great Tantra of the Glorious Nonspatial Blazing Relics".

Samantabhadra's Mirror of Mind: Kun tu bzang po thugs kyi me long.
Kun tu bzang po thugs kyi me long gi rgyud: "The Tantra of Samantabhadra's Mind Mirror".

The Six Matrixes: Klong drug pa
Kun tu bzang po klong drug pa’i rgyud: "The Tantra of the Six Matrixes of Samantabhadra".

The Unwritten Tantra: Yi ge med pa.
Yi ge med pa rgyud chen po: "The Great Unwritten Tantra".

Unclassified Tantras from the Nyingma Gyubum

The Epitome of the Definitive Meaning (Tantra of), Nges don ’dus pa’i rgyud.
Rdzogs pa chen po nges don ’dus pa’i rgyud lta ba thams cad kyi snying po rin po che rnam par bkod pa: "The Tantra Epitomizing the Definitive Meaning, the Heart-Essence of All Vision: Jewels in Array".

The Sphere of Total Illumination: Thig le kun gsal.
Thig le kun gsal chen po’i rgyud: "The Great Tantra The Sphere of Total Illumination". Attributed to Garab Dorje.

The Stream of Empowering Self-sprung Perfection (Tantra of): Rdzogs pa rang byung dbang gi chu bo’i rgyud.
Sku thams cad kyi snang ba ston pa dbang rdzogs pa rang byung chen po’i rgyud: "The Great Tantra Self-Sprung Perfect Power Revealing the Vision of All Gnostic Dimensions".

The Supreme Secret: The Mind of All the Tathagatas (Tantra of ): De bzhin gshegs pa thams cad kyi thugs gsang ba chen po’i rgyud.
Sang rgyas thams cad kyi thugs gsang ba chen po’i rgyud: "The Great Tantra of the Secret Mind of All Buddha".

Texts of Sri Singha

The Great Garuda: Khyung chen. See The Flight of the Great Garuda
The Flight of the Great Garuda: Khyung chen mkha’ lding in the first instance and thereafter Khyung chen.

Spoken Word: The Secret Oral Tradition: Kha gtam gSang ba’i snyan brgyud.

The Works of Garab Dorje (unlocated)

Free Identity: Mtshan ma rang grol.
"Natural Freedom that Underlies Characteristics" (PT).

The Junction of the Three Dimensions: Sku gsum thug phrad.
"Direct Encounter with the Three Kayas" (PT).

The Sacred Vase of Gnosis: Rig pa spyi blugs.

Synchronicity: Dus gsum chig chod.
"Cutting Through Time", "Cutting Through the Three Times".

The Transfiguration of the Six Sensory Fields: Tshogs drug zil gnon.
"Overwhelming the Six Modes of Consciousness with Splendor" (PT).

The Vajra Fortress: Rdo rje mkhar rdzong.

Mahayoga Tantras

The Magical Web of Manjushri: ’Jam dpal sgyu ’phrul drwa ba.
"The Web of Magical Display of Manjushri" (PT).

The Matrix of Mystery: Gsang snying.
Gsang ba’i snying po’i rgyud: Skt. Guhyagarbha Tantra
"Heart Essence of Secrets" (PT); "Matrix of Mystery" (HG).


Bon Texts ONE


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The Mirrorwork of Tibetan Religios Histoians: A comparison of Buddhist and Bon Historiography Zeff Bjerken's doctoral dissertation University of Michigan 2001
Transgressive Compassion: The Role of Fear, Horror and the Threat of Death in Ultimate Transformation Lucy Annette Jones' doctoral dissertation Rice University 1998. The gcod of the Bon tradition and Georges Bataille are compared. It contains a translation of _gcod gdams rin chen phreng ba_
An Exploratory Study of the Effects of Practicing Tibetan Dream Yoga Four foundations on Waking Life Awareness and Dreams Barbara S. Stefik’s doctoral dissertation Institute of Transpersonal Psychology, 2000
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